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    Final image of my spiked knickers design.

    This particular piece is a response to topics that I have recently heard being discussed, one of which is new device ‘RapeX’, along with many other ‘anti-rape inventions’. This condom-like invention is described to be easy to insert like a tampon, and has internal spikes that when attached to a penis must be removed in hospital. Many people are ranting and raving about this device, thinking it’s a fantastic idea that will stop rapists getting away unheard. Maybe so, however no one is considering the victims, the girls that would have to purchase this device incase of the event of rape. Why should women have to wear a contraption at all times incase they get raped? There should not have to be doubts in anyone’s mind that when leaving the house, they must remember to insert a spiked contraption incase of a rapist. This should not be a problem any woman should face. Therefore I have created a piece in response to this awful idea. I have taken a pair of knickers, and used pins in the shape of a cross. The pins are to represent the internal spikes, however when the knickers are worn they are large, external spikes. I chose to use a cross shape as it is associated with the word ‘no’. This piece is a statement to say “I don’t need to hide myself from the possibilities of rape”. I do not need to hide my body through what I wear, hide a device for my own protection. It is no woman’s fault and no woman should ever have to worry and be blamed for the crime, it simply should not happen.

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    'I don't need to hide myself from the possibilities', 2014

    My final developed response from the anti-rape devices. I have included a cherry as they are often associated with the female body, however it was also influenced by the term “pop your cherry”, which any woman expects to experience when having sex for the first time. However, research proves that the ‘horrific bloody experience’ on your first time should not happen, the Hymen should not rip until you bleed and it should be nothing to be scared of. A lot of men may use the excuse of this happening to be rough with women and take control, and it is what any female expects when having sex for the first time as there is so many stories passed around between young individuals, and it gets accepted to be the norm. I used the spikes to pierce the cherries to represent the ‘pop’ we all label, however this still comes from the spiked cross which contrasts this idea.

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    "Why are you so afraid of your own anatomy?"

    so fucking cool


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    Has everyone seen this very important set???

    I was gonna order this next week. Crazy!

    Toru and Naoko “Cassia” set


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    Audrey Horne tho

    I’m literally making this outfit.

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    Vintage Lingerie

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    Sabel by Lonely Lingerie

    colour/tone scheme’s siiiiick

    black / green’s IT

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    Marina Abramovic - Impoderabilia (1977)

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